RESOURCE is fighting for small businesses like yours
RESOURCE is a coalition of retailers and store owners dedicated to protecting our businesses from harmful policies. Our coalition is committed to supporting communities, boosting economies and protecting jobs.
Supporting Communities

Store owners are a part of their neighborhoods, often living near their businesses and employing members of the community.

Boosting Economies

Store owners create jobs, provide sales tax revenue and keep local dollars in their respective communities.

Protecting Jobs

RESOURCE fights higher taxes, skyrocketing insurance rates and higher energy costs that make it even harder to stay in business.

RESOURCE was formed in 2013 as Retailers and Store Owners United to Rebuild California’s Economy. In 2020 RESOURCE became Retailers and Store Owners United to Rebuild Our Communities’ Economies to reflect its broader mission of helping neighborhood stores serve their communities at the national, state and local levels.

The response from elected officials?
Our elected officials continue to push policies that hurt small businesses and consumers. Higher taxes, even more burdensome regulations, and frivolous lawsuits continue to threaten local economies in every state.