Stand Against Sacramento Hypocrisy

Claiming to protect kids while carving out protections for hookah tobacco and expensive cigars?

Protect California from Budget-Busting Backroom Deals

For the first time in history, the California Assembly is considering a new proposal that expressly protects flavored hookah tobacco. SB 793 claims to protect kids, but the California Department of Health reports that California kids smoke more flavored hookah than flavored cigarettes. Sign our petition to help STOP the flawed SB 793.

Retailers Speak Out on the Flawed SB 793

Lost Revenue – Cuts to Critical Programs

SB 793 will mean a loss of up to $1.8 billion in tax revenue over the next four years, leading to cuts in essential services like Medi-Cal health coverage for the needy, early educational funding, and other critical programs.

Lost Jobs

SB 793 will hurt local small businesses and neighborhood retailers by outlawing traditional adult products like menthol cigarettes that have been legal for decades – impacting their bottom line and their ability to keep their employees working while many are struggling to stay afloat. 

Backroom Deals and More Sacramento Hypocrisy

Politicians claim SB 793 fights teen vaping, but the bill carves out exceptions pushed by interest groups and lobbyists. SB 793 has loopholes for expensive cigars and flavored hookah, and this hypocrisy has budget-busting impacts that would harm California’s future.

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