Retailer Voices

Here is what neighborhood retailers and store owners from across California say about the FLAWED SB 793

“Small businesses and community stores are already suffering from the pandemic shutdown and economic recession. SB 793 would make it worse for neighborhood stores like mine by banning legal tobacco products like menthol cigarettes. SB 793 is a real threat to my business and thousands like it.”
Austin Hupp
Bonita Point 76, Chula Vista
“California already has strict laws on the books to restrict the sale of tobacco and vaping products to anyone under 21, and retailers are doing our part to enforce the laws. A ban on selling these legal products, which have been legal for adults for decades, will only hurt businesses like mine.”
Jason Homsie
Hughes Liquor, Valley Village
“Neighborhood stores like mine support our communities by employing local residents and offering a variety of merchandise. SB 793’s ban on tobacco products will have a serious impact on my store’s ability to serve our customers, whether or not they purchase tobacco products and will make it even harder for us to run our business and keep our employees working.”
Ravinder Sharma
Bonfair #11, San Jose
“SB 793’s ban will not stop people from finding a way to buy these products elsewhere. This ban will to hurt our community, our businesses and our state by fueling more smuggling and eliminating tax revenue from legal sales.”
Faisal Gowani
Southgate Liquors, San Jose
“Product bans don’t work, and SB 793 will only increase contraband products. That directly impacts my sales, revenue and ability to retain my employees in a very tough economy.”
Paul Hayer
Napa Wine & Spirits, Napa
“A ban on these products will drive people to purchase smuggled cigarettes off the street, and criminals selling illegal product don’t care if their customer is over 21.”
Shadi Mbarkeh
City Market #21, Tujunga
“SB 793 will unnecessarily eliminate a legal product of choice for adults, effectively telling them they are not responsible enough to make their own decisions.”
Tom Robinson
Rotten Robbie, Santa Rosa
“Revenue from the sale of tobacco products not only helps my store’s bottom line, it also generates significant tax revenue for state and local governments. Tobacco taxes from the sale of legal products fund essential services like Medi-Cal, early education funding and other critical programs, and this will revenue will be lost if SB 793 is not stopped.”
Jivtesh Gill
Fuels Inc., Oakdale
“SB 793 will result in almost $2 Billion in lost tax revenue over the next four years. With our current economic climate, we simply can’t afford another hit to our state’s budget.”
Jose Fernandez
JJ Liquor, Newman
“Do you know what a product ban means for my store? It means I will see fewer sales, my store will make less money, and that means I can’t afford to provide jobs for members of my community.”
Sam Zora
Bobar #8, Chula Vista
“Teen vaping is a problem that should be addressed, but SB 793 goes too far and outlaws products like menthol cigarettes that have been legal for adults for decades.”
Mike Badwan
J.B. Liquors, San Jose

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