Call In To STOP SB 793

TODAY is your chance to help stop SB 793 the tobacco menthol flavor ban!

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TODAY is your chance to help stop SB 793 the tobacco menthol flavor ban! Today, Tuesday, August 4th at 2:20pm there is a hearing at the Capitol. Please take the time to call into the hearing to voice opposition to SB 793 which contains a ban of traditional flavored tobacco products. If passed, SB 793 would cost the state billions and threaten jobs and small business retailers across California.

DIAL IN TO THE HEARING FROM YOUR PHONE! Hearings at the Capitol are now via telephone so you can call in to voice your opposition to SB 793 from wherever you are.

Phone line: 877-692-8957
Passcode: 2426237


Step 1: Dial into the legislative hearing today, Tuesday, August 4th at 2:20 pm while committee is in progress. SB 793 will then be called.

Step 2: Your line is muted and you can hear the debate and comments from the committee. (Your opposition is not recorded until you speak, so please stay on the line!)

Step 3: Committee announces its time for public comment in opposition to SB 793. After the two lead industry opposition witnesses conclude, the Operator will ask for additional opposition. You will then hit “1 then 0” on your key pad to be placed into the queue to speak. The Operator will give you a number so you have a turn to speak. (Please write down your number so you remember. We know your time is important and it could take time, so please be patient!)

Step 4: When your number is called the operator will unmute your line and it’s your turn to speak. State your name, business location, a short sentence about your business (ie how long you’ve been in business, how many employees you have), and share that you oppose SB 793 – about 15 seconds total.